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E Call Engine
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" We focus on an organized business growth through web based management techniques which in turn contribute to a better society. We have objective of serving people through modern innovative technologies."
Personal Call Center

E call engine is a one stop solution to all.  

How E- Call Engine works?
E-Call Engine is a phone service that answers and routes your calls and much more!. With E-Call Engine service you get a personal telephone number where your customers can call 24x7. Customers can call at any point of time and are greeted with a professional voice message. The customers can select the desired extension number as per their need or can speak with the concerned person and also leave a voicemail.

The service has following advantage :
• Unique personal call center no.
• No staff, never busy, 24x7 working hrs
• Ability to set your work hours – after work hours your customers are sent to Voice Mail
• No setup or hardware requirement
• Voice menu
• Details of all incoming calls - So you never lose a business lead!
• All call recording
• Detailed call logs anywhere anytime on web interface with date, time of call, caller id, duration of call and
   forwarded number.
• Bulk voice call
• Fax on personal e-mail ID
• Call forwarding to desire department on mobile or landline
• Data base connectivity
• All service manage our web portal

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